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Overview :
Keeping in line with it's strategy of "Always step ahead in technology" Elecon presents the EON Series - answer to industry needs .

The EON series has been developed keeping in mind the industry requirements and offers greater flexibility and advantages and present a wide range of features :

  • Higher torque ratings
  • Foot print same as ET Series
  • Suitable for numerous applications
  • Various sealing options available
  • Diferrent cooling options
  • General Information and Characteristic Features

Technical :
The power tables apply to normal conditions , i.e , drive by an electric motor , smooth operation , operation ,operation for eight hours per day , 2.5 - fold starting torque relative to catalogue performance PN, 100% duration of operation, ambient temperature 20Deg C . Power for intermediate speeds can be interpolated linealy .

Higher drive speeds than indicated and selection as finite-fatigue strengh gears on request .Re inforced bearings are optional for heavy external forces (e.g output drive by pinion ).

Design :

  • Increased torque capacity
  • Different shalt designs as standard options
  • Modular concept casing enabling faster deliveries
  • Different sealing option
  • Better cost to performance ratio