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Series AJ Worm Gear

         Series A Junior is offered in unit sizes 280, 410, 510, 610, 730 and 860 based on a single universal case for each size, giving a high degree of common parts and interchange ability. Units can be mounted in the under driven, over driven and vertical mounting positions and provide a choice of shaft arrangements for either motorised or reducer versions. Motors can be close coupled in various frames and powers.
       All units are designed with hollow output bores, output shafts can be fitted allowing handing to be changed without dismantling the unit. Double extended output shafts are also available.
        Series A Junior gives a choice of 10 ratios from 5/1 to 70/1 and important features include high efficiencies and load carrying capacities combined with long life and reliability. All units are lubricated for life to reduce maintenance to a minimum.

Double Reduction Units (worm/worm)
       These units consist of a standard single reduction unit with a smaller shaft mounted Series A unit fitted to the input shaft. The range extends the ratios available up to the maximum of 4200/1 making them ideal for fitting to slow moving machinery. As with the single reduction units they are available in under driven, over-driven and vertical types, foot mounting and shaft mounting. All lubricated for life.

Motorised Units
Units are designed to be close coupled with standard dimension NEMA motors or are also available to accept standard dimension IEC motors.

Lubricated for life - fit and forget
Series A Junior units are factory filled with synthetic lubricant which means.
•    No oil level checks, topping up, draining or re-filling
•    No routine maintenance or danger of starting up without lubricant
•    They will mount in any location, however inaccessible
•    They are particularly suitable for locations where non contamination through leakage is essential.
For units running at input speeds below 500 rev/min with either the input or output shaft vertical, also for the second stage of all double reduction units irrespective of shaft disposition the lubricant level is simply increased - see lubrication instructions.