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Compact Worm Gear

Our worm gear units have a compact design with high torque capacity. Series BS can be sold as a gearbox or complete geared motor. These units have proven very reliable in tough applications again and again.
For tough applications such as wash down environments, we guarantee that our Environmental Solution will not peel. This solution allows you to have anti-corrosive protection similar to a stainless steel gearbox at a much lower cost.
Leak Free and Tough
•    Proven to be leak free, unit comes lubricated and sealed.
•    High torque in a small space allows BS to be used in tight spaces, better utilizing your machine space.
•    Designed with smooth surfaces which are ideal for wash down environments such as food and beverage facilities

Product Specifications


Unit Sizes:

40, 50, 63, 71

Output Torque:

Up to 310 Nm (2800 lb.in.)

Gear Ratios:

Up to 104:1 (without pre-step)

Input Options:

Solid shaft, IEC Flange and Servo

Output Options:

Solid shaft, IEC Flange and Servo