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Elign Gear Couplings

The Benzlers range of Elign gear couplings are ideally suited to accommodate Radial, Angular and combined Radial and Angular misalignment, whilst also permitting axial movement of the shaft.
The Elign gear coupling range is first and foremost dependable and provides quality efficient operation in high torque applications. The gear couplings dependability can be counted in the most testing of conditions.
The ELIGN gear coupling is a simple, compact and light unit for transmitting the same power when compared to the couplings of similar capacity available in the market. It is manufactured out of tested quality forged carbon steel and passes through a number of quality checks.

Stocked Range

The current stock offering covers the following Output Torque and Shaft diameters, with larger sizes available upon request.

Output Torque: 1,300 Nm up to 84,000Nm
Shaft Diameters: 45mm up to 250mm.
Prices From: £79.

Available on Request
In addition to our stock offering we currently can offer up to the Following Output Torque and Shaft Diameters on request.


Output Torque: Up to 1.1 Million Nm
Shaft Diameters: Up to to 540mm.